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International Airport of Porto Seguro.


1. From the International Airport of Porto Seguro, which receives the flights of commercial and private companies, it's 86km of asphalt road to the center of Trancoso.


2. From the Airport to Trancoso by ferry it's 38km: cross the Bunharem River by ferry from Porto Seguro to Arraial d Ajuda, continue along the dirt road that passes by the Club Med and Condominio Terravista to the center of Trancoso.

Attention: when raining a lot it's adviced to pass by the asfalt road because the dirt road can really difficult to pass!


Terravista Airport Trancoso.


The airport is located at 1km from the entrance of the Terravista Golf Condominium and 8km from the town center of Trancoso by the dirt road. The airport only receives helicopters, private jets and small aircrafts with prior notice.


Technical Information:

- ICAO Identifier SBTV, Terravista Radio Station Frequency (AFIS): 131.4 VHF
- Operational condition - Day and Night VFR
- Asphalt, altitude of the airport: 53 m (174 ft)
- Geographical coordinates lane 15: LAT 16 ° 32 '13, 6210 '' S / 39 ° 06 '48.6296' 'W *
- Geographical coordinates lane 33: LAT 16 ° 32'44, 1940 '' S / 39 ° 06 '09.1740' 'W *
- Any operation must be authorized in advance by the airport administration.
- Terravista landings must be coordinated by the Terravista radio: the airport operates only VFR
- Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) Room: Flight Plan, Weather Information and Flight Safety
- Aircraft supply, Fuel: JET A1 and AVGAS
- Aircraft cleaning, 24 hour security
- Charters: turboprops and commercial jets
- Hangar of 1,250 m² and courtyard for aircraft parking
- Services for the crew: rest rooms and meeting room with WI-FI and satellite TV