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The Terravista condominium is located in an oasis of native forest preserved on the colorful cliffs 10 km from the square of Trancoso and includes the condominiums Terravista Golf and Terravista Villas. A great choice for those seeking tranquility, nature and especially for golf lovers.


- The Terravista GOLF Condominium consists of 4 to 8 bedroom houses all with individual pools and the highest level of luxury and comfort.
- The Terravista VILAS Condominium consists of 3 types of houses (Terra, Brisa and Ocean Models): smaller villas of 2/3 suites, intermediate villas of 3-4 suites and larger villas of 5 suites with individual swimming pool, sea view and others to the golf course. All Terravista Vilas houses have a communal pool, lounge area with sun loungers, chairs and showers.


Terravista Airport Trancoso.


The airport is located at 1km from the entrance of the Terravista Golf Condominium and 8km from the town center of Trancoso by the dirt road. The airport only receives helicopters, private jets and small aircrafts with prior notice.


Technical Information:

- Access to the beach of Taipei with structure of beach of Club Med by the stairs inside the condominium.
- Access to Tartarugas beach with beach structure through a tunnel with cable car inside the condominium.
- Access to the beach Rio da Barra with structure of beach to 5min. by car from the condo.
- Playground for children and tennis courts.
- A private airport and 18-hole golf course designed by architect Dan Blankenship.
- The Teatro Lóccitane where the famous "Music in Trancoso" festival is held and several other events.